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Internet is a fast-moving place, so the Information Security field is.


Devices that brings Internet everywhere are common, well integrated in our daily life, from business to freetime.


Technologies can help people works and lives in peace togheter, sharing useful informations, get in touch each other without space and time limitations.


But technologies can also be use for illegal activities: financial fraud, identity thieft, data exfiltration, are just examples of criminal activities that can be done with the use of internet and technologies.


In such a world, it must be an imperative to stay up-to-date with new technologies, new devices, new techniques to protects your assets, to get rid of those illegal activities and people with evil intents.


SSRI can do this for you: skilled, high professional team can guide you through the security process of your assets, build an Information Assurance Plan, audit your assets and make you feel more secure about your business.


Because "Security is not a product, it's a process" (Bruce Schneier)

Our team are constantly engaged in develop new analysis techniques to deal with new data types, new software and new artifacts, analyzing softare, data structures, filesystems and operating systems.


Here you can find links to SSRI S&D (Search&Develop) Team public tools.

SSRI is an high specialized company, with a young team, dynamic and well experienced, always with an eye on search&develop activity, try to find new and creative solutions to face daily challanges.


The added value of the SSRI Team is the continue desire to learn, to innavate theirself and innovate the ICT field, to face new challanges and to face them the best as they can, in the most professional way possible, testing and provide documentary evidence, to build an effective, robust, proven and verifiable results.


Although the Team youth, the SSRI guys are high professional, thanks to they continous exchange between law enforcement, judges and magistrates, be te first on the crime scene, always show off personality and expertises, strictly following the international best practices.


Risk Management, Digital Forensics, Penetration Testing, Network and System Security, are just a small set of services and expertices that SSRI give and own, thanks to its high skilled teams.


The SSRI Team is widely known in the italian justice court, with national wide technical advice.

To get in touch with SSRI team please send us an email to: